Paul Milesi
Jazz Pianist • Registered Piano Technician (RPT)

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September 2005. A beautiful Sunday afternoon outside Twins Jazz on U Street in DC.
(l to r) Paul, Olivier's friend, pianist Olivier from Paris, and drummer Steve Williams.




Photo of Paul with Don Pullen
Hangin' out at Bradleys in NY with my friend Don Pullen (1941-1995).
A wonderfully original pianist. We miss you, Don!




Relaxin' outside my crib at 1630 R St NW in DC with saxophonist Carter Jefferson (1945-1993).
Carter was a native Washingtonian and grew up in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. After living in NYC
and working around the world, he returned to DC and lived just down the street from me with his dad.
Before that, when I was in law school, I had unknowingly rented a space in a house that was literally next door to
Carter's boyhood home on Corcoran Street, about 2 blocks from where this photo was taken.




Photo of Paul with James Williams & Miles Griffith
Another great evening at Bradleys, this time with my
friends pianist James Williams (1951-2004) and vocalist Miles Griffith.
James's influence on my life cannot be overstated.
A very deep, soulful cat. And man, he could swing!!!




Photo of DC pianists with hands outstretched
A few members of the DC Piano Mafia gather for lunch
at DeCarlo's Restaurant: (l to r) Burnett Thompson,
Bill Harris, John Eaton, Robert Grimwood, Paul Milesi




Photo of Paul with Christian McBride
With bassist Christian McBride, at the reception following one
of the early Thelonious Monk Competitions at the Kennedy Center.
That's saxophonist Joshua Redman in the background.




Photo of Paul with James Williams and Dottie Green
At the same reception, with pianist James Williams
and Dottie Green of the Smithsonian Jazz Program.




Photo of Paul with Monty Alexander and Mulgrew Miller
Monty Alexander and Mulgrew Miller share the piano bench, while
I look on with Bob Dunnavant and Steve Wilson. The occasion was
the 1995 "office warming" party for Finas Sound Productions, Inc.,
James Williams' NY production company. I served as
Secretary & Treasurer for 5 years. Our offices at this time
were on New York's Upper East Side, on the 3rd floor of a townhouse
on 3rd Avenue between 58th and 59th Streets. A very hip space!




Photo of Paul with Justice Kennedy
With Justice Anthony Kennedy of the US Supreme Court,
during a Paul Milesi Trio steady engagement at the Ritz-Carlton, Washington, DC.
This was at the conclusion of Justice Kennedy's first day on the bench, in 1988.



Swing-In '72, the annual concert of the West Genesee
Senior High School Jazz Lab, directed by John C. Whitney (on bass).
Guest artist Clark Terry talks to the audience, while Paul yields the
piano bench to Dave Ginder. Man, dig those white patent leather shoes!!!

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